Sternenpark Nationalpark Eifel - Zauberhafter Nachthimmel


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With its star-filled night sky, Eifel National Park is qualified as a Dark Sky Park. This large protected area obtained the significant recognition of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). The Eifel National Park region is one of the few locations in Germany where it is possible to see the Milky Way with the naked eye.

In addition to providing a nocturnal nature experience, the reduction of light pollution also protects nature and species diversity. Bats, migrating birds and many other animals benefit from the protected night sky. The next step is to develop the Dark Sky Park into a Dark Sky Reserve. In addition to strict protection of the National Park against light pollution, the Reserve will also include a surrounding buffer zone of some 15 kilometres beyond the Park boundary.

For visitors to experience the night sky, the ‘stars without boundaries’ astronomy workshop offers regular german und english events at the Vogelsang observatory premises. The events are held only when the weather is clear.

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Ausstellungsraum Bestimmung Herrenmensch, © Vogelsang IP-Roman Hövel

Dauerausstellung „Bestimmung Herrenmensch“ - NS-Dokumentation Vogelsang

The former NS-Ordensburg Vogelsang in today's Eifel National Park is one of the largest buildings of National Socialism and was a place of human contempt at that time. Today Vogelsang “Internationaler Platz” is a place that stands for tolerance, diversity and peaceful coexistence. But it is also a place of remembrance culture. The permanent exhibition “Purpose: Master Man. NS-Ordensburgen between fascination and crime ”gives an insight into the life at the NS-Ordensburg at that time.