Castles of Manderscheid


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Manderscheider Burgen/Castles of Manderscheid
Ober- and Niederburg
54531 Manderscheid
Tel. 06572/737

Things were not always as peaceful in Manderscheid as they are today. The Upper and the Lower Castle, just a stone’s throw away from each other, were hostile to each other for many years. The Upper castle was always in the possession of Trier until the dispersal of the electorate and its destruction by the French in 1673. The Lower castle, documentarily first mentioned in 1173, has always been in the possession of the Manderscheid count family. Today both castles are in the possession of the local government of Manderscheid. Only the narrow “Liesertal“ separates the castles from each other, creating a unique ensemble of nature and culture.
True to the motto “when two argue, the third is happy”, you can look forward to both castles today. The castles form the impressive scenery for the “historical castle festival “with knight’s festivals, taking place every year on the last weekend in August.
The hiking trails Manderscheider Burgenstieg, Grafschaft-Pfad, Eifelsteig und Liederpfad can be combined very well with a visit to the castles.




Manderscheider Burgen
Niedermanderscheider Straße
54531 Manderscheid
Phone: (0049)6572 737

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