Castles of Manderscheid


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Things were not always as peaceful in Manderscheid as they are today. The Upper and Lower Fortresses were hostile to each other for many years, because this is where the domains of the Elector of Trier and the Counts of Manderscheid met. Only the narrow Lieser Valley divides the two forts from each other, creating a unique ensemble of nature and culture.

The world of the Middle Ages comes alive at the Manderscheid fortresses. With a little imagination, you can still see knights fighting in heavy armour and damsels strolling along the corridors. Several times a year, the Middle Ages come to life at the Manderscheider fortresses. A true spectacle is the Manderscheid Forts Festival, which attracts thousands of visitors to the castle town every summer. Experience exciting knight fights, funny juggler troupes and medieval crafts at first hand at the forts festival!

The Manderscheid Fortress Christmas, which takes place every year in Advent and conjures up a fairytale atmosphere, especially when there is snow, is particularly magical in winter. Not only children's hearts beat faster!

After the visit, a detour to the cafés and restaurants of Manderscheid is a good idea. A visit to the Manderscheid castles can be wonderfully combined with a hike along the following paths: Manderscheid Burgenstieg, Grafschaft-Pfad, Eifelsteig, Lieserpfad, Vulkamaar Path




Manderscheider Burgen
Niedermanderscheider Straße
54531 Manderscheid
Phone: (0049)6572 737

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