Blick auf Urfttalsperre im Nationalpark Eifel, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz
  • Strecke: 21.2 km
  • Duration: 06:00 h
  • Schwierigkeit: intermediate

Eifelsteig stage 04


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Eifelsteig stage four: From Einruhr through Eifel National Park to Gemünd
Your Eifelsteig hike begins in Einruhr and then takes you uphill in a broad arch. You then delve into the primeval forest of tomorrow, because you are in the middle of Eifel National Park. The glittering waters of the Obersee show you the way until you are hiking close to the precipitous rocky banks. Then something appears between the forest and the water and catches your eye. Is that a wall in the forest? As you draw nearer, you recognise the Urfttalsperre dam. A mighty and steadfast historical structure and one of the oldest valley dams in Germany. Walk along the wall and enjoy the view of the calming waters and the green forest. There is also an opportunity to stop for refreshments. The break will do you good, because you then meander uphill and come to a panorama of dam walls and lakes. It’s hard to believe, but when you reach the top you find yourself in the middle of a wide open landscape. This is the Dreiborn Plateau, which shines with yellow gorse in early summer. It seems as though the National Park has created a great big stage up here. Allow your gaze to float off into the distance and just feel free. Breath in deeply and enjoy the fresh air. By the way: there are hardly any artificial light sources here, which is why the night sky is crystal clear and the region has been designated as a dark-sky reserve.
On the high plateau, you hike on past the deserted settlement of Wollseifen and discover a fortified high tower on the horizon. It belonged to the former Ordensburg Vogelsang Nazi estate. Today, the imposing complex of buildings is an international place of tolerance and diversity. On the site, there is also a National Park centre and an exhibition on the history of Vogelsang. It’s worth a detour: there is a unique view of Urftsee and the Dreiborn Plateau. 
After a break, you continue on a slightly more relaxed hike. You go downhill into the Urft valley in the direction of the stage destination, Gemünd. At the Kickley and Modenhübel viewing points, further views of the Eifel landscape await you. When you arrive in Gemünd, you feel fully recharged with the energy of nature.

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Highlights auf der Strecke

Vogelsang IP

Vogelsang IP mit Blick auf Urftsee, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

In the middle of the Eifel National Park, you’ll find the 100 hectare site of the former National Socialist “Ordensburg” fortress called Vogelsang. After the Second World War, it became a training ground for British, and then Belgian, troops.
Since it was opened in 2006 as a model project, “Vogelsang IP | International Place”, the site has developed into a multi-layered, international culture and education centre, a place of learning outside the classroom and an unusual event and conference location.

In September 2016, the new visitor’s and exhibition centre, the Forum Vogelsang IP, was opened. The two main exhibitions are the documentation of the National Socialist period, “Destiny: Master Race. National Socialist Ordensburgen - Both Fascination and Crime” and the adventure exhibition “Wilderness Dreams” organised by the Eifel National Park Centre.

The new Vogelsang IP Forum also has a seminar and conference centre, a restaurant with an unusual view of the landscape, and a viewing platform on the 48 metre-high historic tower.

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Start: Einruhr

Destination: Gemünd

Distance: 21.2 km

Duration: 06:00 h

Difficulty: intermediate

Tour-type: Hiking

Ascent: 574 m

Descent: 509 m

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