Vorbei am Nohner Wasserfall am Eifelsteig, © Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus/D. Ketz

Eifelsteig Stage 08


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The eighth stage of the Eifelsteig runs from Mirbach to Hillesheim, the crime novel capital of the Eifel.
Today, you start your hike at Mirbach’s impressive Chapel of the Redeemer - have another quick look and take in the golden mosaic before you head off. Soon you are following narrow forest paths and routes along fields and meadows. The open view already gives you some initial views of the volcanic landscape of the Eifel. 
The halfway point on your hiking tour is marked by a special natural monument: The Dreimühlen waterfall near Nohn. It took nature quite a long time to create the waterfall and it is still doing so. Calcium is deposited here day by day, persistently creating wonderful formations - protruding an additional ten centimetres into the valley each year. You do the same as nature does and take your time here. Close your eyes and listen to the melodies of the enduring waters, feel the soft moss and refresh yourself with a foot bath in the glittering waters. After this picturesque relaxation break, the Eifelsteig takes you on past the monastery of Niederehe to the steadfast Kerpen Castle, which is proudly enthroned above the village (privately owned, can be viewed from the outside).
Along field pathways, you have the opportunity to chat with your hiking companions, because you can walk side by side here. Soon, your destination appears on the horizon: Hillesheim - the crime novel capital of the Eifel. Take a walk around the town and enjoy some refreshments at the murderously cosy Café Sherlock. Dedicated crime novel fans can even spend a night at the Krimi-Hotel.

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More information about this route

Start: Mirbach

Destination: Hillesheim

Distance: 26.1 km

Duration: 08:30 h

Difficulty: hard

Tour-type: Hiking

Ascent: 421 m

Descent: 459 m

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