Die bis 1905 erbaute Staumauer der Urft ist die älteste Talsperre der Eifel., © Archiv Eifel Tourismus Gmbh

The Urfttal dam

The Urfttal dam is the oldest dam in the Eifel. You could see it on stage 4 of the Eifelsteig.

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The Urfttal dam juts the river Urft to the Urftlake and is the oldest dam of the Eifel. The dam was built between 1900 and 1905. The dam and the lake are used for energy production, flood protection and drinking water supply. 

The Urfttal dam is located in the middle of the national park Eifel. Stage 4 of the Eifelsteig from Einruhr to Gemünd leads to the dam.

The partner trail Wasserlandroute starts in Einruhr and leads around the Obersee and passes the Urfttal dam.

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Urfttal Dam

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