Weinfelder Maar


The Weinfeld maar – also called Totenmaar [maar of the dead] is lined up along a fissure running SE to NW. It is one of the three water-filled maars close to the city of Daun. The other maars are located nearby in Schalkenmehren and in Gemünden. The Weinfelder Maar, which originated around 20,000 to 30,000 years ago, is the highest of the three Daun Maar-lakes at 487 meters above sea level. The lake is 51 meters deep and 396 to 429 meters in diameter.

The Maar is surrounded by an almost melancholic atmosphere. Many legends surround the quiet "Eifel eye". A castle is said to have stood on the site of the crater, in which a count lived with his wife and their only child. After returning from a hunt, the castle had sunk as punishment for the nastiness of the wife and the count only found a lake on which miraculosly, a cradle on the shore carrying his child was drifting safely. If you only look at the dark water surface long enough, it is said, you can see the outline of the castle. this is one of the legends.

The German landscape painter Fritz von Wille was so fascinated by this Maar-lake that he repeatedly immortalized it in his pictures. One of his favorite motives was the small chapel on the north bank, dedicated to St. Martin. It was once the parish church of the village of Weinfeld, which was infested by the plague in the 16th century. Those who ring the bells in the chapel, it is said, may wish for something. The cemetery ground around the chapel is still maintained and used by the local community of Schalkenmehren. The second name, Totenmaar - Maar of the dead, is a derivation of this fact.

The unique flora and fauna of the Weinfelder Maar-lake are under nature protected area. Swimming and other water sports are not permitted in Weinfelder Maar, but it is wonderful to discover the landscape on foot and a path around the Maar-lake that is almost two kilometers long.The donkeys and goats around the maar help keep the greenenry on the slopes in form as "natural lawnmower".

Guests can park along the L64 either in the parking lot at the Weinfelder Maar or on the "Maarsattel" between Weinfelder and Schalkenmehrener Maar-lakes.

Elevation: 487 m (AMSL)
Cone diameter: 700 m
Cone depth: 90 m
Lake diameter: 492 m N-S, 396 m W-E
Lake depth: 51 m                                                                                                                                                                      Stand: 31.03.2020

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