Kloster Reichenstein


The former Premonstratensian monastery from the 12th century is located in the austere Eifel landscape, in the middle of the "High Fens" nature park, right on the German-Belgian border. The complex, which includes over 32 hectares of forest and a fish pond, is located on a rock plateau at the mouth of the Rur, which meanders in the valley between Kalterherberg and Eschweide, and the Ermesbach. It is 7 km to the picturesque town of Monschau. In 1136 the Dukes of Limburg donated their ancient Richvinstinne (Reichenstein) castle to the Premonstratensian Order, who established a convent there. The monastery witnessed an eventful history, during which the monks of Reichenstein proved to be the 'apostles' of the Monschau region for 600 years through their pastoral care, schooling and hospitality. After the monastery had been destroyed by mercenaries in 1543, it was gradually rebuilt, but it was not until the end of the 17th century. was completed (the wall anchors of the monastery church name the year 1693). A little later, in 1714, Reichenstein was raised to provost and from then on enjoyed extensive independence from the mother monastery Steinfeld. End of the 18th century 28 canons belonged to the convent, but only 11 of them stayed there, while the others were employed as pastors in foreign parishes. This illustrates the central importance that this monastery had for Christian life in the Monschau region. 1950 The aerial photo from the 1950s allows a comprehensive view of the building complex of the four-sided courtyard As a result of the French Revolution in 1802, Napoleon dissolved all the monasteries on the left bank of the Rhine. Reichenstein also suffered this fate, the monks were expelled and the property was auctioned and used as a farm from then on. It stayed that way for 200 years. In September 2008, the French monastery Notre-Dame de Bellaigue, affiliated with the Society of St. Pius X, took over the Reichenstein estate to set up a monastery there according to the Benedictine Rule.

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Verein St. Benedikt e.V.
Gut Reichenstein 1
52156 Monschau
Phone: +49 2472 970 1451


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