Dauerausstellung „Bestimmung Herrenmensch“ - NS-Dokumentation Vogelsang


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In the “Ordensburgen” of the Nazi era, young men selected by the party leadership were formed as future leadership elites. There were training centers but also stages for self-expression for the greats of the NSDAP. The former NS-Ordensburg Vogelsang in the Eifel National Park is one of the largest buildings of National Socialism and was a place of human contempt during the Nazi era. The “order junkers were trained militarily and presented as the new elite of the party. The image of the superiority of the “Aryan” gentleman was shaped above all by the subject “race theory”. Today Vogelsang “Internationaler Platz” is a place that stands for tolerance, diversity and peaceful coexistence. The story should not be forgotten, however.

Vogelsang is both a memorial and a lively place of remembrance culture, where the past is documented and where uncomfortable questions are raised. This is what the permanent exhibition "Purpose: Master NS-Ordensburgen between fascination and crime" stands for. What kind of people came here to get an education? Did they see themselves as masters? With what hopes did the young men come here? Could you have said "no"? The exhibition deals with questions like these and focuses on specific perpetrators' actions and convictions. The example of Vogelsang shows how much architecture was used to document the power and rule of the party. A large number of text, video and image documents and objects provide an insight into life at the time on the NS-Ordensburg.

Visiting the exhibition is recommended for people aged 12 and over. Children under the age of 14 are only allowed to visit the exhibition when accompanied by an adult. It is barrier-free and there are regular open tours (in German) and tours for groups. A media guide with English, Dutch and French texts as well as for blind and visually impaired people is available free of charge to visitors.

mehr lesen pdf: Flyer zur Ausstellung Herrenmenschpdf: Reisen für Alle, Kurzbericht Barriefreiheit




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